Copy file into root directory

hello i wanna copy .desktop file into root directory and itdoesnot allow me can u give me solution

and another thing can u please help me in making folder into windows directory it says its read only directory i tried dbus-launch dolphin
but did not help

and why new forum is private and cant access through google

thank you


From terminal:
sudo cp file /destination

Install ntfs-3g package and remount the Windows partition. You also have to make sure the Windows has disabled fast boot and hybrid sleep … That you have to do from Windows itself.

Not sure i understand what you are referring to. If you connected to the old forum by using google, then that might not work anymore since all the users here are new.

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You’re not supposed to. The root directory is not intended to hold files, and certainly not files owned by an unprivileged user.

You’re not in Kansas Windows anymore, Toto. :wink:

If a Windows filesystem is mounted read-only, then that usually means that you used the hybrid sleep feature in Windows, in combination with Windows Fast Boot. If you do that, then the Windows filesystems are not properly shut down, and then the Linux kernel will detect this, and will mount them as read-only so as to prevent corruption.

If you need write access to your Windows filesystems, disable Fast Boot.

The new forum is definitely not private.


then what is this you said the website is not private
but here it says its private
so what’s with my browser

and why it says volume 2 doesn’t exit
where as if i reopen it manually it opens

@Aragorn you are correct about the fast boot on Windows. I also recommend using the Restart option on Windows instead of Shut Down → Reboot into Linux. That way it wont hold up the filesystem.
Nice username btw :slight_smile:

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Search engine has probably not updated links to the old forum pages since they were archived

Pages previously at are now located at

working link to page shown in screenshot