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Hi team
running 5.15.94-1-MANJARO with Plasma 5.26.5

I want to copy a CD and send it to a friend. Making a copy with K3B couldn’t be easier, and if that’s the way, OK with me. But I wonder if it’s possible to copy the contents as a .WAV file (as opposed to MP3), compress it into a single file, “send” to him through Google Drive, and let him burn his own copy.

For example, can I create an .iso so that when he uses his Windows machine, it will prompt him for a disk, and he can burn it.

Is this possible or just silly, and I should just copy it and use USPS, and be done :->


Have you checked the options it provides?
From a quick search, Copy medium seems to do the job.,_DVD,_or_BD

no, not an .iso - audio cd’s are not like “normal” data cd’s
… you can’t even mount them - just access and play them …

It is a rather complex subject.
Some of it is documented here:

Rip Audio CDs - ArchWiki

you can extract the contents of an audio cd - and again burn it onto another one

But what is wrong with ripping it to a good bitrate .mp3 or .ogg or even .flac and then simply give him that?

He can then decide whether he wants it on an audio CD or as a file among many others that he can put anywhere and play from there …


Thx all.

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