Copy and Paste working erratically

I see everything I’m copying in gpaste, but the paste function, whether control v or right clicking and using the paste menu item is erratic. Sometimes control v works and not right clicking, sometimes it’s the other way around and other times it doesn’t work at all.

Hi. Copy and paste between wayland-native apps and xwayland ones (or vice versa, or some times one way but not the other) has been an issue since forever. So you could first check if the issue happens in this particular instance, or it is indeed a more general or gpaste problem.

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Is this less of a problem with KDE or XFCE? Also, is there a way to disable XWayland since I understand it causes problems with Nvidia and I’m running this on a '13 MB Pro Retina. I just want cut and paste to be seemless.

KDE and XFCE don’t use Wayland by default, so if that’s really the problem… We don’t know yet. But you can use Gnome with a Xorg session too. You only need to edit:


uncomment the line


save & reboot.

Ok, the only question I would have is that if by doing so I might prevent some valid processes from running correctly?

Nope. It’s just a technicality. Everything should work more or less the same and maybe some things better.

Bad advice. I almost couldn’t get into my desktop GUI. Took minutes just to see the GUI appear and then it would disappear for minutes when I tried to use it in clamshell mode. I changed it back and everything works fine.

Too bad. You must have one of the only devices in the whole world that works better under Wayland than Xorg.

Running an early '13 MB Pro Retina, 15" with 2.7 i7. For what it’s worth.

Anyway, if you could take into account when exactly the problem occurs, as in when the paste fails, between which apps and whatnot, that could be of great help, because that way at least you could identify if that app it’s using native wayland or xwayland, if it is GTK or QT, etc etc…

I am still facing this issue on Wayland + KDE Plasma. Is there any patch or workaround?