Convert Encrypted Music

Does Manjaro have any software that can convert encrypted music files so they will play on mu PC?

media info tells me the music are Audio Stream wma files using

The site is no longer available it was bought out.


//EDIT: you will need ffmpeg4.4 with Audacity, as I just noticed current ffmpeg provided in Manjaro is at version 5 and the it provides is not compatible with current Audacity version.

The package ffmpeg4.4 provides which is automatically recognized by Audacity.

Just run pamac install audacity ffmpeg4.4 from terminal and when it is installed, open your WMA file, and go to File → Export → and then you can convert to whatever format.

Tried your suggestion but audacity fails to play or convert the .wma files.\

The encryption is too strong. The website that maintained the encryption no longer exists

I may have misunderstood what you meant then. You mean you have files, encoded in WMA format, that on top of that are… encrypted? If this is what I can gather from internet, this is some kind of DRM on music files you bought at some point in the past?

An idea I found in internet, make an audio CD from your WMA files and see if it works (I found on internet a suggestion about the files being unable to be read, but able to be burnt as audio files on CD), then if it works, you can bypass the DRM by ripping again, with an open codec of course, the audio CD.

//EDIT: and maybe if you don’t have a CD burner, you may be able to burn to an ISO instead of a physical CD.

//EDIT2: can you send me a small file that is encrypted in PM?

//EDIT3: do you have access to a computer that is still able to read the files?

You might be out of luck if it’s really encrypted and requires a license to acquire the decryption key. :frowning_face:


It’s a far cry, but worth a shot, if you have an old Windows computer that still somehow has the DRM folder in tact.

No, but try this: FreeMe2 download |

Just run it like this on the terminal:

wine FreeMe2.exe -v <filename>

I have no DRM Audio Files for testing.

Can’t burn an audio CD as the wma file isn’t supported by k3b and I have no program that can convert the wma files due to encryption.

Someone gave me these files a long time time ago and I think I will just download the files in a non encrypted format.

Thanks for the suggestions and trying to assist.

Yeah there is not much you can do. Can you still send me a random encrypted file in private message so I can experiment? I have a few tools to try.

That is why DRM is such a bad thing - but I understand why it exist.

It is partly greed on one side and theft on the other side.

In the perfect world - if there is no theft - there is no need for greed.

In any case - according to forum rules - this smells like piracy - which is strictly prohibited - so I will ask you to end this conversation.

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