Controller issue Steam proton

Since the lastest stable update (9/02/2021) i’am unable to play game with my controllers using Steam Proton.
I try several differents gampads, i try to reuse Steam stable but still… it dosen’t work. Anyone have notice the same issue ? What could be the problem ? :thinking:
So far, it seem like it affect games running via Proton.

Cheers and have fun :crazy_face:

No issue on my side with Proton 5.13 and XBox 360 controller.
I’m on Testing branch but that shouldn’t make a difference.

Check if you have the Steam dependencies properly installed, especially the one I’m thinking about game-devices-udev

thanks for the tips, i have find the problem: i had to disable the configuration assitance in Steam.
I still have a issue with a controller binding but it’s another problem.

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