Controller doesn't stop KDE's screen energy saving

As I play a game on a controller, KDE’s screen energy saving kicks in as if I wasn’t doing anything; as if the controller inputs weren’t registered. What can I do for them to be registered ?

For now, I’ll temporarily disable the setting while I play

You can use gamemode from repositories. More about it on the project page GitHub - FeralInteractive/gamemode: Optimise Linux system performance on demand

You can create a Gaming Activity and on that Define a special behavior, so the screen never turns off.

You are not alone. In fact, the linked duplicates shows that this has been a long standing (next year would mark its 10 years anniversary) issue. That gamemode that @bogdancovaciu mentioned is a temporary workaround, alternatives are in the linked bug report, read through the comments.

Thanks for the link, I shall just wait until some solution is found

I used to have this issue with some games back when I used macOS, so when I ran into the same issue on KDE I looked for a similar solution and found caffeine-ng in the official repositories.

It’s a small system tray app that can be configured to watch for certain processes and disable energy saving and screensaver when they’re running. Or you can just right-click and do it from the popup menu, still easier than going into KDE settings.

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