Control settings for beeping sound

Hi! I’m trying to control the beeping sounds Manjaro makes when you delete or when you click the button to turn off the PC. I know how to turn it off, what I want is to control the volume. I tried using xset b [volume] [pitch] [duration] but for some reason I can only change the pitch and the duration but not the volume. The volume instead changes the pitch as well. I’m not sure if you would need any info about my device so if you feel like you do please tell me exactly what you need and I’ll reply.

If I could somehow add pcspkr to alsamixer or amixer for easy control that would be great :slight_smile:

Not possible. But you can do this:

I said I know how to turn it off, I don’t want to turn it off. I want to control the volume.

The motherboard’s built-in in diagnostic/beep pc speaker cant be controlled, unless you rewire it.

manpage man xset explains why volume control of bell may not be supported

   b       The b option controls bell volume, pitch  and  duration...

                           ...Note that not all hardware can vary the bell
           characteristics.  The X server will set the characteristics  of
           the bell as closely as it can to the user's specifications.