Control over USB-C PD charging

Is it possible to control how fast a laptop (ASUS c302) charges with usb-c? It’s not solely a HW thing because when I use an older kernel, it only trickle charges. With 5.11 it charges at max speed, just as it does using the original OS (ChromeOS). It’s very fast but not very good for the battery. It gets very warm and I only got 80% left of the full battery capacity as it is.

There is such a thing as a input_current_limit for the usb c port, but I’m not able to set it.


current_max  input_current_limit  model_name  status     uevent              voltage_now
device       input_voltage_limit  online      subsystem  usb_type
hwmon3       manufacturer         power       type       voltage_max_design

Am I looking at the wrong place? Is it possible somehow?