Context menu of title bar shows the containing folder and all the above folders

I hope Manjaro has this function in the system, such that when you right click the title bar the context menu shows the containing folder and all the above folders as in the macOS.

I found in some of the apps the function is covered partially as they already have entry “open in containing folder” at

  • either 1: right-click the title in the tab, the “open in containing folder” is there. For example, Manjora’s default pic viewer Gwenview, vscode
  • or 2: when there is no tab, such that the title is in the title bar of the window, you can go to the file menu, the “open in containing folder” is there. For example, Manjora’s default pdf viewer ocular.

But none of the libreoffice apps has this function.
A lot of others such as texstudio don’t have this either.


I think we need to clarify some things for you. Manjaro doesn’t have functions in the system aside the way MSN, MHWD and Pamac are particular Manjaro tools and get integrated. The rest of functions in the system are provided by the DE you are using.
KDE Plasma has a particular way to deal with application menus and is based on Qt5
XFCE does some things a bit differently as is based on GTK+
Gnome also has a different approach of how menus are working - GTK+

Manjaro is not creating the DE’s, only facilitates the use of them during the install and after install, and provides better defaults trough manjaro-kde-settings package, or depending the DE with manjaro-"DE"-settings package.

As i explained here about the Open Containing Folder menu entry:

Applications that are specific to KDE Plasma have that entry, and also have other features to integrate with the DE aka KDE Plasma.
Here is the list of all KDE Applications:

Is also a KDE Application

That was a feature added by their developers.

Is Okular and is not Manjaro’s default pdf viewer, is KDE Plasma default pdf viewer and is a KDE Application.

Please check again the link i provided in the previous topic. Use that Macro Script entry, then you will have it. If you need detailed how to, we can provide one.

If the developers of texstudio will add such functionality, or want to add it, then will be there. Otherwise you can contact the developers and fill a feature request