Contest: Design the cover of the user guide



Hi everyone,

Here is my submission for the contest :wink:

Svg file #1 :
Svg file #2 :


simple and clean, nice.


Will there by a vote for the new cover? And when will be the deadline for submissions?


Hope before Manjaro 17. What do you think @philm?


Thanks for your great submissions everyone! They are truly amazing. However, due to various reasons, the cover will stay the same for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience. If the situation changes, some more news will be posted here.


Can we recycle the graphics for the grub project? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:


Yes, of course! You made the images, I am in no position to tell you what you can’t do with your own work. Again, great artwork! :slight_smile: