Contest: Design the cover of the user guide



Hi everyone :slight_smile: !

As you may be aware, a guide aiming at beginners is bundled with Manjaro and is also available on the download page to help them install and get used to Manjaro and Linux. The source code is available on GitHub.

Although its contents get updated every once in a while to stay up-to-date with the stable branch and to improve its overall approach, the cover art has not been updated in a while. I would thus like to start a small contest for a new one, preferably showing the new Manjaro logo (as can be seen at the top left of this page). If you want to submit an entry, please respond to this thread. If your artwork is selected, you will of course be credited in the guide. I cannot however offer much more than that, so if you are after fame and riches, you will have to work out the “riches” part yourself ;).


  • needs to be a vector artwork provided as SVG file
  • size should be 765x990
  • the font Comfortaa should be used
  • the Manjaro logo should be part of it
  • it can be abstract

The current cover art is as seen below. Good luck to everyone who enters!


I’m in. How many covers can we submit per person, or there’s no limit?



There is no limit, submit as many as you like :slight_smile:


Here we go!


Here’s my Manjaterial attempt cover. :stuck_out_tongue: I made a wallpaper that goes with it here:

I got the 300dpi file upon request if needed. so this one is the 72 dpi. I’ll replace the font with the original if needed, since I was too tired to look for it haha. :yum:, but the font was made by a friend so it’s free/open source.


kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lovely to be able.
i loved it!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Hmm, it is Art. I’m not yet satisfied with the current quality of the cover. Is it possible to have it as SVG file. The conversation to PDF lost most of the effects, sharpness and given style.


My first post on Manjaro forum :slight_smile:


Oh that’s right, I remember it was supposed to be SVG…to be continued…:yum:

Keep an eye on the logo fellas/fellettes. I’m going to re-do mine because the gaps on the logo are to narrow/thin.:grimacing:


This one is my favorite so far. Why? I just like dark background. My Manjaro wallpaper is that dark with “I’m A Manjaro” on it. It looks so modern, elegant that I don’t think I will ever replace it. (I never liked original green wall paper) And your cover fits right with it :slight_smile:

I just saw this, your logo is the old version?


All posted so far are nice. You guys have a talent!
About yours, I like how you put Manjaro logo as whole background.


Thanks for your attention!
I’m new to Manjaro and I didn’t notice the logos difference.
Here the new version:



Well I guess this is the last “Dark Logo in the Center” set for me, trying to figure something new. I like the bottom one, just simple…Hey Nike doesn’t need text…:smirk:

Just in-case, here are the SVGs’:


Nice! But it reminds to Ubuntu :slight_smile:


Oh, I haven’t seen Ubuntu for ages, I thought it was orange/salmon colored? Yeah I’m going to try to think of something different. :yum:


Based on thy Alpha’s wall-paper.


I’m just moving things around and testing Inkscape 92.

Just in-case, you can find the SVGs and PNGs files by clicking
[manjaro-cover]: “Git Project”


My favorite, just simple and beautiful. :wink:


k, k, k, k my last set.