Constant logouts

Yup same here...east coast.


I have no idea. Not only do I not see any of that but the forum is quite responsive today for me.

Also, I don't any unusual volume in the discourse reports.


Thanks for checking @dalto.
I guess I'm just going to chalk this up as something out of anybodies control.
I don't know where the Bytemark servers are but I must be getting some terrible routing or something.

Here's a dumb question. How the heck do you do a traceroute in Linux?

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I'm a west coast kid. I still haven't figured out how I ended up in Hicks-ville. :rofl:
But here I am in a balmy fly-over state where there's a liquor store and church on every block. :wink:

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Step 1: Install traceroute
Step 2: Run traceroute


OK, well.... I'm an idiot.
I thought there might be a built in tool. Heh... uh.... I'll go do that. Thanks. :disappointed:

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Wow, I'm getting routed through some yahoos names Zayo and they apparently have a network comprised of 4 people with tin cans and wire.
The packet loss is insane: 58%, 98%, 44%, on and on all the way into the UK. Once it hits Bytemark, all is kind of good. Only 5 - 10%-ish.

Ok, welp. Thanks everyone.

P.S. I grabbed a very nice terminal traceroute util called mtr.


I seldomly get logged out, but I see the corrupted content page sometimes. Mostly after trying to do a full page reload after noticing the forum won't mark threads/posts I visited as read.

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That message is logical as we seemed to hit another limit with the forum resources. We look into the matter.


I'd normally update and rebuild the Discourse container about now.

But, I can't do that any more.

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i just got "unknown error" while trying to login... :thinking:

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Yeah. It's really bad today. I was changing my avatar for the heck of it and took several tries. Multiple errors and logouts (even though it never actually logs me out).

Seems they are looking into it. Hopefully, it'll be better soon. I really can't help anyone like this.

and now i got logged out, just as i was posting emoticonz

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It's 50/50 when I click an emote if it'll post it, log me out, or show me the corrupted content message.

I feel your pain.

now i get the 504 Gateway Timeout message

Yeah, screw it. I'm actually getting logged out which is a complete pain. I have 2FA on so every single time....
Grrrrr.... (Logged out just now)
I'm going to go do dishes or something. /sigh

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Been having this constant log out issue all day today :confused:

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It's gotten a lot better. Earlier today it was very bad on my end.

I think that might have happened or someone added another хомячком.


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Still happening here, just been "kicked out" again about 5 minutes ago. Also been getting the "extreme load" message for the past couple of days.

ME, TOO :wink:

First I think it was the

topic that make more travel.
I surf the forum from the west side of Germany :slight_smile:


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