Console and zsh

Hi to everybody, I’m from Italy and I’m a novice.

I have used Ubuntu for some times but now I likes very very much Manjaro KDE.

I dont understand if kconsole terminal uses Bash or Zsh.

In Ubuntu I have installed Synth Shell tò get Better terminal.
In Manjaro Is It possibile? Or It a Better installa Oh My Zsh?

Thanks for a Little help tò understand.

You can always run something like this to see your current shell:

echo $SHELL

I’m guessing it will be zsh as thats the manjaro default.

Manjaro already implements a number of zsh configuratioins … as shown by your prompt.

What? You can certainly install a different terminal emulator or shell and/or configure it as you like.


You can do the same on Manjaro - just follow the upstream setup instructions

If you are using Plasma - konsole uses zsh - if your requirement is bash - then you need to create a new konsole profile and configure it to be the default using bash.

Hi! thanks very much, but I don’t understand:

In the title of kconsole I see: eugenix - zsh - Kconsole
but echo $SHELL gives me Bash

Oh right … I forgot … the way its implemented in KDE is through the profile … whereas the system is technically bash still.

Just look into konsole settings > manage profile for finding/setting the shell.

PS - theres also synth packages in the AUR:

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