connecting to a local network using wifi or cable

HI, My system doesnt see any neworks , should this connect automaticly? I am connected to the same Wifi network , not using a cable usually.
When I use a cable the is a window with empty folders only - seems to be connected to neword 'windows'. Dont I know anything?

Well, what do you expect to see? Having a local network in and of itself doesn't have to mean anything. What matters is what services the network offers to its clients, and when it comes to a network share, then there are several possibilities, i.e.... :arrow_down:

  1. The network server and the client machine both run GNU/Linux. The proper type of network file sharing to set up here would be NFS, because that's a UNIX-native technology.

  2. The client runs Microsoft Windows and the server runs GNU/Linux. In this case, the server must be set up with the Samba Server, because Microsoft Windows does not support NFS. The Samba server emulates a Windows Server on GNU/Linux and other UNIX systems.

  3. The client runs GNU/Linux and the server runs Microsoft Windows. In this case, the GNU/Linux client must be set up with the Samba Client.

In all three of the above cases, authentication and permissions need to be set up on both ends. What is the server exporting over the network, and what does the client have access to? Now, I'm no expert on Samba ─ I don't use Microsoft Windows or any other Microsoft software ─ but I seem to remember that there are issues on account of whether the share allows access to the home directories of the users trying to access them, or to a common "workgroup"-type of storage, or both.

On account of printers, there is also a difference between native UNIX technology and Samba. For a UNIX-type network, you'd simply set the printer up as a network printer and you configure it on your local workstation by way of CUPS. However, if the printer is connected to a Windows server, then you're going to have do declare access to the printer in your Samba settings as well.

Please also bear in mind that connecting to another computer which acts as an internet gateway does not constitute in any way, shape or form that you'd automatically have access to any files on that computer. A network share ─ whether it's a Microsoft CIFS network (which requires Samba) or whether it's a UNIX-style network ─ must always explicitly be set up, and its permissions and authentication must be configured.

Is this an internet issue or a local server issue?

i have recently learned that any enabled firewall will block the answer from a samba based file server on a network. This happens because the outgoing request is to the broadcast address and the answer is from the servers address. For a firewall to accept a communication channel the request address and the responding address has to be identical.

This may cause some confusion - so temporary disabling firewall or create an allow all rull for your lan - will often solve the issue.

thank you for your post. On the other side there is eg. a computer with windows 10 with shared folders. There is a printer as well with no access using network. I will get know more about Samba.
It is a local server issue, issue with my computer only:)

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