Connect to a manjaro desktop like in a server

Hi everyone,

i know, the title isn’t much clear. I want to connect to a desktop PC in my house network with nothing attached to (no keyboard, monitor etc so like a remote server). I plan to use it like a regular desktop pc in spare time, but i want to be able to connect it like you would do on a remote server.

I managed to succesfully connect to it on both win and linux (actually is updating while i’m typing on windows). However i noticied that as soon as it boots up, so you’re in the login screen to be clear, it does not connect to internet if i don’t login and enter the GUI, in fact i can’t ping it (unreachable), hence i don’t know wheter the sshd is up and running or i have to manually start it (but this should be done locally and it is not right for my use case).

So i’d like to set it up, to automatically connect to internet and be ready to accept ssh connects as soon as it boots with no local interaction on the machine.

Is this possible?

Thank you so much for reading, have a nice day :3

Is the system connected via Ethernet cable or via Wifi. If it is only connected via Wifi, make sure the password is stored unencrypted in the connection file. In the GUI it is a called something like stored for everyone and can be selected via the small icon in the password filed.

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I did it, it works as intended, thank you so much for your help :3
BTW i’m using a usb wifi stick for the moment, then maybe i’ll wire it if i’ll put this pc where i want to and if i’ll be able to run a thick ethernet cable into my crowded corrugated tubes.

Again thank you

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