Conky thread, show your work!



Thank you :wink:
just worked with the default conky


As far as I know, conky donot change its color automagically, you can change the color and save different configuration to use with different wallpapers…


Thats what I meant @illuminati_RV. I know it wont change automatically. What I was trying to say is how do you change certain colors for the lettering to match the theme you are running? is it a script file that you have to go into and edit the color scheme or what. I been searching like crazy and cant seem to find the correct answere to my question. Im about done with playing around with the conky thing. I think I already broke something and may have to fdisk and reinstall my system which i no big deal to me…


I wonder how you use Conky right now? You do know there is conkyrc file, right, in which you write what and how you want it to be shown? You find this file normally in your home folder as .conkyrc (hidden file, name starts with a dot)


Im not using conky right now, no. I have it installed because I wanted to play around with to see if could get it to look like some others I have seen, here and search google, but cant figure out how to do it. Yes, I have read about the .conkyrc file but couldnt find it for 1 and 2 dont know how to write to it for what I want. I want the lettering to be the Maia color #1abc9c to match my different themes I use but have no clue where to go in the .conkyrc file to make changes. Couldnt even find that file. I seen .conky but not .conkyrc…


Look here for example:

Plenty of info to find on the internet.


Thank You. I dont think I have seen this one yet. Ill check it out. Thanks for the information…


Maia theme

Solarized theme

Is this thread dying out? :frowning_face:

Just posting my updated conky configuration rooted from the original i3 conky files…
You can get the files from my Github page

Do give in ur suggestions and please keep this thread alive :sweat_smile:


@illuminati_RV really nice themes, I may be borrowing them :slight_smile:

I just installed conky and am itching to get it setup but its a bit daunting for a first timer. Any good resources to get started?

Is there any safe place to get pre-done configs/themes?


I hope this will do for u…
U can find many conky configs online… I just loved the default from Manjaro i3, so I just modified the existing manjaro Conky…
Create yours and keep posting


Maybe I am missing something but it looks like your maia configs are both the same, for the left bar. If thats the case would you mind updating it so the right bar is available?


I didnt get what u r saying!!!
would u mind sharing a screenshot?


So you shared Maia and Solorized. Each has 2 config files.

For Maia both config files are the left hand side of the screen, IE the shortcuts. Seems like you uploaded the same config for both configs of Maia. Solorized seems to be correct.

Sorry let me know if that clarifies


Just came across this:


Simple. Of course. never done :D.


I used @pux’s config and changed things a little. I have added hindi keyboard to the desktop. So I had to move the clock to a new conky instance.


Hmmm? Is the keyboard useable if you have a touchscreen? Or is it just a hint where to find the keys??


It’s not usable. I use it to get a quick glance at the keys.


Okay, that’s a pity. I hoped I could be an alternative to onboard…


Hey oberon,
I’d like to set up conky the same way you did in this picture.
I’ve already created a new file called “conky_time” with the right contents in /usr/share/conky and added the line “exec --no-startup-id start_conky_time” to my ~/.i3/config.
However, even after restarting i3 and conky, the new conky element doesn’t show up. Is there something else I need to do to get this working?