Conky thread, show your work!



Extended i3 conky with image and time.

config file:

Normal i3 conky maya, than to the top of the config file:’${image /usr/share/conky/i3-breath.png -p 0,1 -s 40x40}${alignc 10}${font Neuropolitical:pixelsize=30}${alignr}${color 16A085}Manjaro’ and to the bottom put this: ‘${font Neuropolitical:size=36}${color 80FFF9}${alignr}${time %H:%M}’ + install Neuropolitical font(AUR) and use the currrent i3- breath logo in pixbuf and put it in your i3 conky file. Thats all!


As simple as possible:
4x dual core cpu, no swap partition


Slightly modified Gotham, color is 18B696

use_xft yes
xftfont 123:size=8
xftalpha 0.1
update_interval 1
total_run_times 0

own_window yes
own_window_type normal
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
own_window_colour 000000
own_window_argb_visual no
own_window_argb_value 0

double_buffer yes
#minimum_size 250 5
#maximum_width 500
draw_shades no
draw_outline no
draw_borders no
draw_graph_borders no
default_color white
default_shade_color red
default_outline_color green
alignment top_middle
gap_x 0
gap_y 20
no_buffers yes
uppercase no
cpu_avg_samples 2
net_avg_samples 1
override_utf8_locale yes
use_spacer yes

minimum_size 0 0
${voffset 10}${color EAEAEA}${font GE Inspira:pixelsize=120}${time %H:%M}${font}${voffset -84}${offset 10}${color 18B696}${font GE Inspira:pixelsize=42}${time %d} ${voffset -15}${color EAEAEA}${font GE Inspira:pixelsize=22}${time %B} ${time %Y}${font}${voffset 24}${font GE Inspira:pixelsize=58}${offset -148}${time %A}${font}

${voffset 1}${offset 12}${font Ubuntu:pixelsize=16}${color 18B696}Root ${offset 9}$color${fs_free /} [${fs_size /}]${offset 30}${font Ubuntu:pixelsize=16}${color 18B696}Raid ${offset 9}$color${fs_free /mnt/Green2TB/} [${fs_size /mnt/Green2TB/}]

${voffset 1}${offset 12}${color 18B696}RAM ${offset 9}$color$mem [$memmax]${offset 30}${color 18B696}${color 18B696}CPU ${offset 9}$color${cpu cpu0}%${offset 30}




Here is mine. I finally got the fans working as they should. Reason: they were directly connected to the power lines instead of the small connector on the motherboard. Now I can control the rpm instead of having them run on maximum speed all the time.


Hi, nice work!
What are the commands for Edition and Processor?


My conky is just a standard one, with normal codes everyone uses. These are the lines you requested:

${color5}Edition:${color}${alignr 6}${execi 10000 awk -F= '/ID=/{printf $2" "} /RELEASE=/{printf $2" "} /NAME=/{print $2}' /etc/lsb-release}
${voffset 10}${color5}Processor: ${color }${alignr 6}${execi 10000 cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'model name' | cut -c 14-19 | uniq}${execi 10000 cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'model name' | cut -c 24-51 | uniq}

The cut commands: cut -c 14-19 and cut -c 24-51 match my processors name to get just the right characters. This will be different in your setup. Grep ‘model name’ will get the complete name and I use only a couple of characters from it.

${color5}GPU ${alignr 137}${color }${nvidia gpuutil}% ${alignr 100}${color5}RAM ${color }${alignr 80}${nvidia membwutil}% ${alignr 30}${color5}VIDEO ${color }${alignr 6}${nvidia videoutil}%

This is a nice one to get Nvidia information as well. I do use the package conky-lua-nv instead of the normal conky package.
The complete file looks like this:

update_interval 1.0

double_buffer yes

own_window yes
own_window_transparent no
own_window_argb_visual yes
own_window_type dock #window dock panel desktop override
own_window_class conky-semi
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
own_window_colour 4782D9 #4466ff

text_buffer_size 6100 # large buffer needed

max_specials 512
max_user_text 10000

# Minimum size of text area
minimum_size 1080 5
maximum_width 300

draw_shades no
draw_outline no # amplifies text if yes
draw_borders no
draw_graph_borders no

use_xft yes
xftalpha 0.9
xftfont Noto Sans:size=8
uppercase no
override_utf8_locale yes
use_spacer none
short_units yes

default_bar_size 228 5

gap_x 5
gap_y 10

color5 00ffff #blue

alignment top_right

#Time and Date
${font Noto Sans:bold:size=14}${color5}${alignc}${time %A %d %B %Y}
${alignc}${time %T}$font

${color }${font :bold:size=10}System${color5}${alignr 210}${hr 2}${font}
${voffset 10}${color5}Kernel:${color}${alignr 6}$sysname $kernel
${color5}Edition:${color}${alignr 6}${execi 10000 awk -F= '/ID=/{printf $2" "} /RELEASE=/{printf $2" "} /NAME=/{print $2}' /etc/lsb-release}
${color5}UpTime:${color} ${alignr 6}${uptime}

${color }${font :bold:size=10}Processor${color5}${alignr 210}${hr 2}${font}
${voffset 10}${color5}Processor: ${color }${alignr 6}${execi 10000 cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'model name' | cut -c 14-19 | uniq}${execi 10000 cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'model name' | cut -c 24-51 | uniq}
${voffset 05}${color5}CPU${alignr 15}${cpu cpu0}%${goto 70}${freq_g 0} GHz${voffset -01}${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu0 12,182}
${voffset 05}${color }CPU1${alignr 15}${cpu cpu1}%${goto 70}${freq_g 1} GHz${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu1 8,182}
${color5}CPU2${alignr 15}${cpu cpu2}%${goto 70}${freq_g 2} GHz${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu2 8,182}
${color }CPU3${alignr 15}${cpu cpu3}%${goto 70}${freq_g 3} GHz${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu3 8,182}
${color5}CPU4${alignr 15}${cpu cpu4}%${goto 70}${freq_g 4} GHz${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu4 8,182}
${color }CPU5${alignr 15}${cpu cpu5}%${goto 70}${freq_g 5} GHz${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu5 8,182}
${color5}CPU6${alignr 15}${cpu cpu6}%${goto 70}${freq_g 6} GHz${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu6 8,182}
${color }CPU7${alignr 15}${cpu cpu7}%${goto 70}${freq_g 7} GHz${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu7 8,182}
${color5}CPU8${alignr 15}${cpu cpu8}%${goto 70}${freq_g 8} GHz${alignr 6}${cpubar cpu8 8,182}
${color5}GPU ${alignr 137}${color }${nvidia gpuutil}% ${alignr 100}${color5}RAM ${color }${alignr 80}${nvidia membwutil}% ${alignr 30}${color5}VIDEO ${color }${alignr 6}${nvidia videoutil}%

${color5}CPU History:${color } ${goto 105}${loadavg 1}${goto 190}${loadavg 2}${alignr 6}${loadavg 3}
${color5}CPU Temp:${color }${goto 72}${hwmon 3 temp 1}°C${goto 104}${color5}CPU Fan:${goto 152}${color }${hwmon 3 fan 1} Rpm
${color5}MoBo Temp:${color }${goto 72}${hwmon 3 temp 2}°C${goto 102}${color5}Rear Fan:${goto 152}${color }${hwmon 3 fan 2} Rpm${goto 207}${color5}Top Fan:${alignr 6}${color }${hwmon 3 fan 3} Rpm
${color5}GPU Temp:${color }${goto 72}${nvidia temp}°C${goto 102}${color5}GPU ${color }${goto 152}${nvidia gpufreq} MHz${alignr 6}${color5}Mem ${color }${nvidia memfreq} MHz

${color}${font :bold:size=10}Processes${color5}${alignr 210}${hr 2}$font
${voffset 05}${color5}Amount: ${color }${alignr 153}${processes} (${running_processes} active)${alignr 6}${font :bold:size=8}${color5}Top 4 CPU Processes:${font}
Name${goto 98}CPU%${alignr 53}Time${alignr 6} Mem$font${color}
${top name 1}${goto 100}${top cpu 1}${alignr 55}${top time 1}${alignr 6}${top mem 1}
${top name 2}${goto 100}${top cpu 2}${alignr 55}${top time 2}${alignr 6}${top mem 2}
${top name 3}${goto 100}${top cpu 3}${alignr 55}${top time 3}${alignr 6}${top mem 3}
${top name 4}${goto 100}${top cpu 4}${alignr 55}${top time 4}${alignr 6}${top mem 4}

${font :bold:size=10}${color }Memory${color5}${alignr 210}${hr 2}$font
${color5}${voffset 5}RAM${color }${goto 60}${mem}${alignr 6}${membar 8,200}
${voffset 5}${font :bold:size=8}${color5}Top 4 Mem Processes:${font}
${color5}Name${goto 100}Mem%${alignr 26}Mem_res${alignr 6}Mem_vsize${color }
${top_mem name 1}${goto 100}${top_mem mem 1}%${alignr 55}${top_mem mem_res 1}${alignr 6}${top_mem mem_vsize 1}
${top_mem name 2}${goto 100}${top_mem mem 2}%${alignr 55}${top_mem mem_res 2}${alignr 6}${top_mem mem_vsize 2}
${top_mem name 3}${goto 100}${top_mem mem 3}%${alignr 55}${top_mem mem_res 3}${alignr 6}${top_mem mem_vsize 3}
${top_mem name 4}${goto 100}${top_mem mem 4}%${alignr 55}${top_mem mem_res 4}${alignr 6}${top_mem mem_vsize 4}

${font :bold:size=10}${color }Hard disks${color5}${alignr 210}${hr 2}$font
${color5}${alignr 6}${diskiograph /dev/sda1 20,80 -l}
${voffset -22}${color }Root${goto 60}${fs_used_perc /}%${alignr 6}${fs_bar 8,200 /}

${voffset -22}${color }${alignr 6}${diskiograph /dev/sda3 20,80 -l}
${voffset -22}${color5}Home${goto 60}${fs_used_perc /home}%${alignr 6}${fs_bar 8,200 /home}
#${voffset -22}${color5}${alignr 6}${diskiograph /dev/sdb1 20,80 -l}
#${voffset -22}${color }VM${goto 60}${fs_used_perc /VM}%${alignr 6}${fs_bar 8,200 /VM}

${voffset -22}${color5}${alignr 6}${diskiograph /dev/sdb1 20,80 -l}
${voffset -22}${color }Data${goto 60}${fs_used_perc /Data}%${alignr 6}${fs_bar 8,200 /Data}

${voffset -22}${color }${alignr 6}${diskiograph /dev/sdc1 20,80 -l}
${voffset -22}${color5}Music${goto 60}${fs_used_perc /Music}%${alignr 6}${fs_bar 8,200 /Music}

${font :bold:size=10}${color }Network${color5}${alignr 210}${hr 2}$font
${voffset 30}${color }Download speed:
${goto 30}${color5}${downspeed enp2s0}${voffset -50}${alignr 6}${downspeedgraph enp2s0 50,160 -l}
${voffset 30}Upload speed:
${goto 30}${color }${upspeed enp2s0}${voffset -50}${alignr 6}${upspeedgraph enp2s0 50,160 -l}
${voffset 5}LAN IP: ${color5}${alignr 6}${addr enp2s0}
Downloaded: ${color }${totaldown enp2s0}${alignr 6}Uploaded: ${color5}${totalup enp2s0}

It looks like this:


I do have one question about the Nvidia items. In the screendump you can see the Mem freq. is 3004 MHz. This should be 6008 MHZ. The GPU frequency is okay. How do I get the mem frequency to also show the correct value?


try using:
${nvidia gpufreq} MHz ${nvidia memfreq} MHz


This was fun to investigate. Still a lot to learn and that is not easy for me … Looks ok on any darker wallpaper. Hope you like it and forgive the fact that uses LUA and are 3 files, and could be refined and updated and cleaned up a bit more …

First file called manjaro_ConkLua
Second file manjaro_slick_Gotham_clock
And the manjaro_slickrings.lua file

Once there are in ~/.conky/ can be loaded by Conky Manager or using a script

sleep 20s
killall conky
cd "~/.conky"
conky -c "~/.conky/manjaro_ConkLua" & "~/.conky/manjaro_slick_Gotham_clock"

I hope i didn’t cross the line with this post! Cheers!
[Edit - a small update]
I had an error in the Updates section, the correct way to display the number of update is:

${exec pacman -Qu | wc -l}

Still have to fix the function for the ring in the lua file …

Reworking a Conky (need some lessons)

This one is amazing. Is it okay if I copy some things from it?


I did the same, so, definitely you can use what you like. Is my first day playing with conky and scripts like this, also i was interested what lua files do. Plenty of examples all over the forums, since 2011 and i had no clue about the existence of such thing … hahaha


@bogdancovaciu THANKS for sharing! Sweet looking desktop, in all respects. Love the Conky, wallpaper, themes, etc… I’m especially interested in knowing what you’re running, DE and/or window manager.

I’m guessing by the Qupzilla, Dolphin and Kate programs that you’re running KDE or perhaps LXQT? But the window decorations, buttons, themes, and rollup windows would suggest one of the *boxes or perhaps PekWM? What’s your recipe brotha? What are you running?


I’m all the way KDE, even if i have Cinnamon, XFCE and Gnome installed in a VBox just for testing. Using the latest plasma 5.10 (even if was not compiled with Qt 5.9). The use of KWin Window Rules is absolutely great (i didn’t use it on KDE 4.x) I love the fact that i can make Conky appear only in one of Activities of 3 i use. The one i shared is mostly for System related tasks. I also use Latte Dock and has different launchers for each activity.
Another reason i chose KDE is because of my tablet that on other DE acts a bit strange and sometimes is frustrating …


A bit of an update regarding the number of updates displayed and also the ring warning
In the .lua file, just before the require ‘cairo’ we have to put the ring like this:

        name='exec pacman -Qu | wc -l',
        x=370, y=75,
require 'cairo'

Then we add tis function above the conky_draw_bg function

function pacman_watch()
    pacman=tonumber(conky_parse("${exec pacman -Qu | wc -l}"))
    if pacman<warn_value then
    elseif pacman<crit_value then

Those numbers can be different, this was just a quick concept test.
And this is how it looks like on critical updates:

Then just warning updates:

Normal updates:

No more updates :slight_smile:



I have that line in my conky and it is showing the frequencies but the memfreq shows the wrong one. It says 3004 MHz while the Nvidia settings show 6008 MHz. My question was and still is: how to get the correct frequency value?


gpufreq - Gives the current gpu frequency
memfreq - Gives the current mem frequency

Both are correct, but i think you want the maximum frequency, but by the documentation on Conky Objects or variables there is no such thing :slight_smile:


Well, I added a picture of the Nvidia settings with my previous post. It shows a frequency of 6008 MHz, while Conky, at the exact same time, shows half of it. When the card is not used heavily the frequencies drop to a lower value and then the value is correct: conky equals Nvidia settings.


For instance in .lua files you can add this:


but i don’t know what triggers that in Conky, except those 2 we talked about … I’ll look more into it.


Excuse me, I am wrong: the mem freq is always half of what it is supposed to be. Strange that I didn’t see that earlier.
The GPU freq is okay, mem freq is half of what it has to be. Sorry for any inconvenience.