Conky Manager on newest KDE not working

After searching a bit i found out that u need to use a new type of config and that the old scripts dont work anymore.

downloaded the converting script someone from here created and changed my config with it. worked great. however- now conky manager doesnt see that config anymore. it lists me all others but not the one changed.

ok then- thought maybe the script wasnt working to well. went threw the documentation and changed what needed to be changed in the config file.

tried that and bam- conky isnt able to read that at all again. so it seems like it cant display the old configs anymore it could for years but now it cant read the new configs either.

any ideas what i can try to fix this?

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Tried that. It doesn’t show me the changed config as well.
Tried with the old cobfig and it didn’t work either. I also installed lua53 with no success.