Conky 1.21.1 (Manjaro Extra Repository)

I have used Conky for many years and it has always been able to display all of the “Audacious” media player variables. However, since Manjaro 23.x and now version 24 it will not display any “Audacious” variable commands. I installed Conky from the Manjaro Extras repository using Pamac.

For example:

${audacious_bar 10,100}

Conky audacious_bar

With “Audacious” and the conky template running, the above variable should display a playing music selection’s continuous progress with a bar 10cpi high and 100cpi long. It doesn’t. Instead all that is visible is an exact reprint of the above command in the template I created. The same applies to all other Conky/Audacious commands.

All other Conky variables that I use work fine. Could this be an error in the way Conky was compiled in the Manjaro Extras repo?

I did a little more web research at Conky’s Github site. It seems there are a few folks having several different conky/Arch issues including the one I outlined above:
Issues on Github for Conky/Arch

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

I just tested with the latest appimage from github, and it does not work. So it seems to me the problematic change is probably in audacious. Or the same bug is in the appimage, made for ubuntu.

Tip: i find many old configs with exec audtool, i guess from the time before that functionality was built in, This should still work.

Yes. “Exec audtool” solves all of the audacious issues, but it does consume memory and cpu cycles.

In case anyone is interested, I found this code in an old post elsewhere on the net which creates the “audacious bar” in a template. It also requires “default_bar_size (length) (width)” be set in the conky.config section of your configuration file, before conky.text.

${execbar expr 100 \* $(audtool --current-song-output-length-seconds) \/ $(audtool --current-song-length-seconds)}
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