Congratulations for the last Gnome ISO // Suggestion: Manjaro App Store in favs next time

I liked a lot the last Gnome ISO - I had to reinstall because pacman gave me errors -.
But I would add by default “Manjaro App Store” changing its actual name to favorites and obviously then to the dock

Also, I would ask to configure it in the configuration process with newbie defaults, that in my opinion should be AUR FP SN AI and automatic updates all enabled, and 0 - or 1 - copies:

I know it is less stable this way in theory, but being a GNU long time user my biggest troubles today are - as with my laptop - long time not updated devices that have problems updating to actual versions.

You can offer also both profiles, the actual one and the newbie one explaining more or less both or just show the configuration options and let the newbie user to decide.

I think that it would improve, even more, the image as a newbie friendly that this distribution have.

PS: Similar MAS as fav and config starting or installing in KDE and XFCE ISOs too would be as nice for newbies in my opinion

Thanks in advance for your work - or for considering it even if it is for rejection -

I don’t think Manjaro has a “Manjaro App Store”. We have Pamac, is that what you mean?

There is an application called -“Add /Remove Software” that is an excellent gui to pacman yay flatpak snap and appimage that it is what I suggest to change the name to MAS

Yeah, that’s Pamac. I don’t see it being renamed anytime soon.

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Odds are, these errors could have been resolved without reinstalling.

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Emphasis mine: nope and nope.
AUR packages are not maintained by Manjaro (nor Arch). There is a message near its setting in Pamac that makes the point.
Automatic updates are usually not advised for bleeding edge packages, due to the risk of breakage without the user’s knowledge, even if the maintainers do their best not letting bugs slip through.

We usually recommend using another distro in this case.

That said, i personally am trying to set up a Manjaro laptop i barely use so that it handles time-gap updates, most notably with easy backup plans:

  • btrfs file system for the root partition
  • timeshift-autosnap-manjaro for automatically creating snapshots on updates
  • grub-btrfs for easily accessing a snapshot from Grub
  • pacman-static for hopefully handling updates that would fail otherwise
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The word ‘store’ is a bit cliché and also ambiguous

Store - definition of store by The Free Dictionary
1. A place where merchandise is offered for sale; a shop.
2. A stock or supply reserved for future use: a squirrel’s store of acorns.
3. stores Supplies, especially of food, clothing, or arms.
4. A place where commodities are kept; a warehouse or storehouse.
5. A great quantity or number; an abundance.

Manjaro uses a synonym ‘repository’ for definitions 2-5

Definition 1 is applicable for Apple and Android because they have merchandise to buy

IMO it makes no logical sense for a Linux distribution to have a retail store when there is nothing for sale

But if Manjaro team were to consider such a thing, it should have a more distinctive title instead of just appearing to copy everyone else

Ubuntu Maté has a Software Boutique

Manjaro should have something like ‘Manjaro Bazaar’

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Sure, it was libcanberra and pacman dependencies, that I found how to solve before.
But this time I did not found the solution, and it was faster to reinstall.
Also I use gnome extensions and reinstalling to be able to appreciate the actual default.settings, was a better option.
As I do not know how to set up the default options, if it is possible.

OK, I agree with you, it is a better name, and with the motivation you explain.

Even bazaar means shop or market too I suppose the actual use of the word do not mean that to native English speakers - that I am not -

  1. a market in a Middle Eastern country.
  • a fundraising sale of goods.


a large shop selling miscellaneous goods.

The core suggestion is to rename “add/remove software” to something else more familiar to newbies and located as favorite plus automatic updates and access to AUR flatpak snap and appimage software by default or clear choice

You could implement this for yourself by creating a custom menu item using menulibre

Set it to run this command - pamac-manager %U
Add the name and description you want to use and an icon
Then add it to Favourites in the menu

Edit - seems like only one or two noticed the reference to some Linux history – Eric S Raymond