Confusing Problem switching to BTRFS

No mount point is at /dev/nvme0n1p1 with FAT32 ?

Iā€™m not sure quite what you mean?

corrupted Manjaro is installed on Btrfs partition 0n1p2 but I believe it is mounted from the FAT32 position or is that something to do with UFEI? @Zesko

I have a screenshot from a previous install saying I had used /boot/efi as a mount point. Does that mean I should use the same again? Not 100% certain what that means but I do know that I normally boot using efi @Zesko

Yes that should be FAT32 for EFI.

Yes, you can. I suspect it will automatically create 3 subvolumes @home for home directory, @ for root directory and ā€¦ at this installation.

Iā€™m not quite sure how to restore my backup from Timeshift? Do I need to tell it to put things into the subvolumes or will it restoring to / and /home sort into the new btrfs subvolumes correctly?