Confusing AUR package names: git-cola vs git-cola-git, gitahead vs gitahead-git

I wanted to try git GUIs such as GitAhead and GitCola, so, before I went ahead and downloaded them from their respective websites, I thought I’d see if they can be installed via the package manager, which usually results in working-out-of-the-box installations that are not a pain in the xxx to configure and stay up to date.

So, I opened Pamac and search for “git ahead” and found two results that seem similar:


  • gitahead: Understand your Git history
  • gitahead-git: Graphical Git client

“Understand your Git history” is GitAhead’s official slogan, and “Graphical git client” is a perfect description of what GitAhead is, so which one is the one that I’m supposed to install? What is the difference between them? Why are there two of them?

The exact same thing when searching for “Git cola”:

Which one is the right one and why are there two?

If you want to use the AUR, you should make yourself familiar with AUR terms.

The git suffix indicates that it uses the most recent commit while the other one will install the latest release version (usually, exceptions may occur)


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