Confused about the home directory

Hi all,
I’ve recently come across to Manjaro from Mint.
Within my /home directory, I have an entry called Bruce, which shows a folder icon (in Dolphin explorer).
But then there’s an entry called audio2u (the name I use for a lot of my public-facing stuff on the web… I’m an audio engineer) which has an icon which looks like a house. audio2u is the name of the current user account (and this should be the only user account on this system).
Is one an alias for the other? I ask because it looks like the data is mostly the same.
But it appears to be duplicated data.
Thanks in advance.
Can I remove one or the other?

The folder /home is the location where all user homes is located - this is the way.

It is impossible to know without hands-on - suffice to say - Manjaro installer does not create neither symlinks nor duplicated folders

If you have two folders a possible cause could be having /home mounted to a separate partition and thus the data is what it is.

If on the other hand you are certain you did a clean install - no reuse of other partitions - then it is possible you have a script which, when run with sudo creates the second folder - likely due to bad coding.

To be in a better position to determine which is which there is a couple of commands to enlighten yourself.

The command whoami will reveal which username is currently the logged in user and you can use cat /etc/passwd to confirm usernames.

You can also use the long version of folder listing ls -l /home to see if one is a symlink and which permissions applying to the immediate content.