Confused about pamac gui

I have tried to find information on the gui settings “check for updates” but everything I find is about cli.

aur and flatpack are enabled so I can install from them both.
I have the “check for updates” settings active on both aur and flatpac activated and disabled in the general settings tab.
The behavior I’m looking for is for manjaro to never check for updates automatically, I want to update the lists manually and then upgrade.
Are my settings correct? What does the setting do? Does it mean “update lists automatically” or does it mean, “check for updates when you are manually refreshing the lists”?

Edit. Ie, im interpreting the “check for updates” on the 3:rd party tab as running pamac checkupdates -a when refreshing the lists.
Am I correct in this assumption?

checkupdate will only check for updates but you’re on the right way,

pamac update -a

will update the aur-repos

Thank you, but that’s not what I’m asking. I know how to cli it, I just want to know what the behavior of the buttons in the gui is, and checkupdates is EXACTLY the behavior im looking for the gui to do, but with the 3rd party also being checked, and not automatically but only when I press the updates tab or “refresh” on that tab.

Pamac will only display any updates, not auto install and yes both normal updates and any AUR ones.

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