Confused about editing docs and a lot more


My name is Becky-Ann.
My brother put Linux Manjaro on my PC after windows wiped out 99% of my content, he did not teach me how to use it. I am trying to edit documents, they either won’t edit or if I am able to edit them I loose them when trying to save them. The document I am editing today I was able to open in word online, however page one is separated onto 2 pages. I have downloaded this document 6 times, each time I am sent to the 1 I started to edit. All my documents I need 12 copies of each will be edited different. How can I edit documents be able to save them to my desktop then move them to a flash drive? I am also having problems putting documents on my flash drive and taking documents from emails to the desktop. documents want to open in Okular, Karbon, Calligra Gemini, or Calligra Words. I

Hi Becky-Ann, welcome to the forum. Try opening the File Manager application, then double-clicking on the house icon. This will show you the file folders for your account, including Downloads, Documents and Desktop. When you download a document it most likely is put in the Downloads folder. You can move it from there to another folder if you wish. I can’t help you with word online, but if you right-click the document icon and select open with “LibreOffice Writer” you will be using the default Manjaro word processing application that is probably capable of editing your document. After editing your document you can choose where to save it and what to name it with the Save As commend. If your flash drive has been inserted into a port that should be one of the locations you can choose.

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Coming from Windows there is a fundamental difference with file handling - especially when related to files outside you home - which includes removable devices like USB sticks. To ensure you are not banging your head against permissions on newly formatted USB sticks - always format them using exfat (the Windows filesystem for files > 4G)

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