Conflicting dependencies when updating openjdk

Hi all,

I’m having the following issue when trying to update the system. Any ideas as to how I can fix this issue?

Many thanks


Failed to prepare transaction

conflicting dependencies

jdk-openjdk and jde-openjdk are in conflict


Hello @bluerobotz :wink:

Really? Is it that hard to use the search box? That is discussed a lot of times…


For passers-by;

This issue dates back to Update 2023-11-13, and is listed under the heading of Changes in JDK / JRE 21 packages may require manual intervention

The following (revised) procedure has been suggested:

sudo pacman -Sy jdk-openjdk
# Choose `Y` (Yes) to remove each conflicting package
sudo pacman -Syu
# Answer `Y` (Yes) to rename/replace all packages indicated.

Or, if using Pamac:

pamac install jdk-openjdk --no-upgrade; pamac update --no-aur

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