Configuring scroll wheel speed

I am using GNOME with Wayland, so the touchpad and mouse devices are handled by libinput. Now, while the sensitivity and scroll speed of the touchpad are OK, when I connect my (wired) mouse there’s one issue that bothers me: scrolling with the mouse wheel is way too slow – this is annoying on webpages in particular, as the wheel has to be scrolled many times to go down a page quickly enough.

Firefox lets you adjust the scroll speed, but it doesn’t distinguish between mouse and touchpad. So, if I set a scroll speed that’s fine for the mouse, it’s too quick for the touchpad, and vice versa.

In GNOME settings I can only change two things about the mouse: speed (but it’s the speed of normal movement, which I don’t want to change, not the scroll wheel speed) and natural scrolling (which inverts the direction of scrolling). Neither helps with my issue.

Googling around, it seems that libinput can’t be configured to deal with this. I’ve found this (How to Change Mouse Scroll Speed in Ubuntu) but, like other solutions, it seems to address scroll speed globally (not the mouse specifically). Suggestions anyone?

The use of libinput is neither DE nor display server specific, FYI.

Tip: Buy Logitech mice with the free / infinite scroll feature or the Razer BasiliskV3 which has a unique hybrid approach (my favorite).

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I know, but I didn’t know where to post this. Is it “Graphics & Display”? Or just “Support”? Next time I’ll do better.

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

its usually only in chromium (and derivatives) that you get slow scroll speed on mouse scroll wheel, usually firefox is unaffected. what about in other gnome apps, is it normal in them.

No, it’s rather slow as well, but I very rarely have to scroll a lot when I’m not in the browser.

In the end I’ve found a workaround. It’s not the solution I hoped for but it works rather well. I’ve disabled smooth scrolling in about:config and installed the extension Yet Another Smooth Scrolling WE – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US). This extension allows you to configure different smooth scrolling profiles, so I’ve created one with very long scrolling (for when I use the mouse) and another with shorter scrolling for when I use the touchpad. All I have to do is switch profiles (you do it with one click) when you plug or unplug the mouse. Not ideal, but decent solution.