'Configure Toolbars' missing in Konsole-21.08.0-1

I installed Manjaro KDE in a virtual machine (in virt-manager), and switched to unstable branch. One thing I noticed in Konsole-21.08.0-1, is that right clicking the Toolbar does not give the ‘Configure Toolbars’ option (The option is present in Dolphin, Okular etc.). Is that option buried somewhere else or absent?

It is probably related to your switch to the Unstable branch, because here in my fully updated Manjaro Stable, the “Configure Toolbars” option is present and fully functional.


I have "Configure Toolbars” in my main installation (Stable branch: Konsole-21.04.3). The option is not there in the VM (Unstable branch: Konsole-21.08.0-1). :sweat_smile:
P.S. - Just installed the latest KDE Neon (User Edition) in virt-manager, and the same ‘issue’ there.

Konsole just had an update … that should fix the issue.

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