Configure a local server for wordpress

I have actually 2 questions/issues but the target is to configure a working wordpress local server.
I tried to do it first following an arch tutorial(I cannot find it now!) but I couldn’ t connect to localhost. so I found then and tried Xampp. This was an easier way and I managed to start the wordpress sample site, but I have problem with RAM which prevents me for using it. When I’ m starting to use it my RAM increazes very fast until 99% and then the system is unusable. This happens every time after 10 minutes or less without to do actually anything, just to explore the site, and doesn’t stop even if I close the site and stop lampp. Only a reboot stops this crazy RAM load.
So, I want either to fix this ram problem of Xampp, or remove-purge and reinstall the relative packages(apache, mysql, php etc) and configure it with your help from scratch without using Xampp.
Thanks in advance.

If you haven’t already, you could (install if you have to) htop, & use it to identify just what is/are the memory hogs on your system. You can also kill processes using htop.

Beyond that I can’t help you, as I’ve only set-up WP on a host machine on the internet using a how-to on their website which is only accessible via my account password.

Yes I have htop and I’m using it. I found that cinnamon used 50% of memory, but I found it strange because it happen only when Xammp started.
Anyway I managed to configure apache, php, wordpress etc with the help of wiki, so I will use it now.
But, I installed yesterday Vmware Player, and I have very similar issue except that this time I couldn’t see the Ram and CPU load to increase in conky, and also in htop I didn’t have so much memory used(was ~70%). I had the same lag though. So I tried xfce and there is no similar problems with vmware player which now runs fast and smooth(I have windows 7 installed).
Seems that cinnamon is problematic in manjaro. I also had some other problems and it takes 3 times more than xfce to load, need about 1:30minutes.

If your making a server & you need a gui try using openbox, as it is simple, powerful & light. Just be sure that you have the required gui config; utilities installed too.

No I don’t, I just want to use a local server for learning wordpress.

a other simple way is to use docker-compose
I made a little tutorial, but sorry it is in french


are the steps the same like ubuntu install wordpress? apache , php … mysql -> wordpress, everything the same or is something different ?

Install php-fpm, nginx, mariadb. The advantage of nginx + php-fpm is that you can compile multiple php-fpm version and you can use with different version of php. As for now php7 is the one you will get on install php or php-fpm, but a lot of wordpress projects were done for php 5.3, 5.4 and will not work on php7

This is an old post but, I have a guide for installing LAMP and how to configure it for wordpress localhost
LAMP+phpMyAdmin+Wordpress local

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