Condres OS dejavu?

i see this now, clearly your the victim :roll_eyes:.

you do see this topic is in #general-discussion:rants-and-raves dont you? common courtesy should of been a pretense on your part and notifying the creator of things you claim as your own, or at the very least give credit where it is due. GPL or not, taking others work and promoting it as your own creation is shady at best. on the flip side of this, the future is not written in stone and you can still course correct. more importantly, will you?


I guess it is because I am older, but I do not see any users showing “fury” at other users. What I see is an open exchange of ideas and discussions about those ideas. Are some comments “heated”? Maybe, but, I hate to break it to you, that is NORMAL. Especially when discussing different ideas.

As for you asking that the moderators step in, they will if THEY feel it is necessary.

One should make sure that their own house is in order, before telling someone else how to run theirs. Some old saying about a person who lives in a glass house not throwing bricks… Just a thought.


Maybe someone does not have good manners and uses incorrect tones. It can be seen well. Do not say that I am another victim because this is unbearable. You wanted credits and here they are. What do you want more? Check the topic well and then we’ll talk about it. So far I have used very cordial tones. The Manjaro team and some of you are not. So what does it mean that your home is better than ours? I believe that until I speak with Philip Müller personally, I will not post anything before other users are taken as victims. This behavior is not correct even by netiquette.

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I think we are running into a language issue. I did not say that our house was better than yours. The meaning of my post is.

“Please do not come into a forum of another project and tell them how to run it. This is very true if you have problems with that project.”

I hope that is more clear.

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No not everybody just the usual suspects, I for one welcome any thing that adds to the Linux ecosystem.
If a distro meets the need of only one person its a success in my mind, Or as Arch devs point out “we made Arch for our own personal use " “if you want to share it that’s fine” if not go find something else. They also say” We are not interested in Arch being popular as long as we are happy that is all that matters",
Enjoy your work you do not need to be preached at by a few Users. or even reply that just brings you down to their level
You are doing great work its for the users of your project to judge nobody else :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Thank you so much for your words. For those who will read the topic I want to add this:
no matter what we do and what we want, in the end it’s growing together. We have corrected what was right if we were wrong.
We do not steal the work of others.
That said, good work to the Manjaro team.

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no, and this is not a pissing contest. it’s about common courtesy, or lack there of in your case.

i didnt mean that you “are” a victim, only that it seems your playing the role of one.

ive read every post. opinion remains the same.

i/we are manjaro user’s stating opinions, not dev’s. not for i/we to answer.

bit of an afterthought, but yeah. seems to make sense.

hey, we agree on something! silver lining and all that…

this alone does not make someone more correct than the other. anyone can use “very cordial tones” to say anything, good and bad. it doesnt make it any more correct because of the tone you were using, and be honest, nobody here is lobbing threats and insults at you. just open conversation that does not lean in your favor and you felt the need to dispute it which is ok. this is a public forum.

your in a rants and raves thread trying to accomplish what??? opinions are like arse-holes, everybody has one. best to not be too offended by them and remain objective oriented.


…and they all stink :wink: :laughing: :poop:


Not according to my wife hers smells like perfumed Roses :relieved::relieved::relieved:


Since as you just said the tread blew up I am gonna repost my original comment

Just want to give my opinion on this. I do not want to mock the creator.My original intention was to make a kind of crosspost on Condres forum . I wanted dev team to respond and talk about some aspects of the distro that was copied from/ inspired by Manjaro, Just give the credit to the original distro (manjaro) and you are good to go. And now this post has turned into some kind fest of insults

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I wouldn’t call it a war.

It baffles me that the slightest negative opinion that has backed arguments gets interpreted as hostility by some forum members. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:(not addressing you here)

I strongly oppose such censorship, especially in an open source community.

Lastly we got the dev from Condres here who is following the classic internet troll playbook.

Spreading peace & flowers and then playing “beleidigte Leberwurst”. Be it this, a car or video game forum, its always the same pattern.

Pathetic IMO!


it’s really not though, there are no derogatory remarks made to the editor creator/s of condres os. you had to of known this thread has the potential to get toxic given the subject matter being discussed. that said, i dont see this as a thread of insults towards Condres OS but more so discussion about the blatant insults towards manjaro from condres os’s devs by way of using others work and presenting it as their own. all fully legitimate conversation.

nobody is name calling @specialworld83 . and if they read some of this as insults, too bad. can you tell me that they didnt think they were doing anything wrong/shady by doing the things they did?? (either answer to that question does not fare well for condres os.)

yes? then they are blissfully ignorant?, just what you want in an OS :-1:

no? then they knew it was shady and did it anyway. so this kind of reaction was to be expected at some point.

if responses like in this thread for example didnt exist, do you really think they would they have any reason to change?


“I love all – all Humanity! I really do! I set myself before you!”


Actually after I went trough this tread again I see where you points are coming from. I honestly never through that the developer himself will find this tread in the first place ( wait a minute are the spying on a forum too :thinking: ?!) NO. JUST NO . At least I hope.
It doesn’t seem like he took all valid criticism in consideration


No worries. When I posted the reply, I kind of thought that it would look that way. But I took the chance all the same. No harm done.


Stolen copyright is a global issue. Early Japanese cars, the murky worlds of Microsoft and Apple and pretty much everyone posting here has ‘made in China’ items at home containing pirated intellectual content but I guess no one is bothering to research that and post about it.

Considering all of the things wrong with many Linux distros, including Manjaro, to me it just seems a whole world of wasted effort to have a thread this long about something that matters not a jot to most of the people who just want to install a Linux distro and use it.

It would be more productive to just take Condres for what it is and talk about that rather than spend half a lifetime dissecting which parts may or not have been taken/borrowed from where. Otherwise go the whole hog and bring in legal counsel to rule on the GNU license and then hit the Condres devs with a law suit. Pointless.

Protectionism is always counter productive and ultimately self destructive. Gaddafi and Hussein have already found that out and Maduro will shortly. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a more productive focus would be to analyze why Manjaro is about to lose the number one spot on DistroWatch to MX that only ships with one desktop environment and move forward from there.

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Noone actually cares about that, and you can't analyse clicks on a page on a third-party website. Distrowatch tracks clicks on their website, nothing more, and it's basically meaningless outside of that context.

Distrowatch rankings never were and never will be a solid criteria for measuring distros from worst to best. Every distro (excluding copycats of course) is unique, has its own philosophy and goals

@jonathon Please close this tread.I think 74 post already covered everything