Concerning the Grub update regarding encryption

I exlcuded Grub from updates till now and have read so many comments about the recent Grub problem that I’m confused now!
Only my home partition is encrypted!
Is it necessary to add
GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES=“cryptodisk part_gpt part_msdos”
or both
or none, cause my notebook is just 2 years old.

Thank you for a comment.

As far as I know, these commands are needed if you have your disk encrypted. Do you?

There’s no grub mess, nor a problem. There was earlier with another version. It depends on what your current configuration is. IMO don’t update it. Ever.

Sorry I forgot to mention.
Yes, just my home partition is encrypted.

In that case (separate /home partition and only it encrypted)
the decryption is not done by Grub, but only after / (root) is mounted.

However, as far as I know, a separate Luks encrypted /home partition was never supported by the Manjaro Calamares installer - you must have done that tweak by yourself.

in any case: Grub is not involved in opening/decrypting it

As long as /boot is not encrypted there should be no issue.

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Thank’s for that clarification, but you misunderstood the encrypted home partition, I guess.
My home partition is not separate, I use one SSD and the encryption of home was done by Manjaro Calamares within the installation process.

So does it mean as long as boot is not encrypted neither
GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES=“cryptodisk part_gpt part_msdos”
needs to be added (or activated)?
Do I understand your explanation correctly?

"part_gpt part_msdos” where already there - but only the one for the type of partition table your disk actually is/uses is relevant - and needs to be there

cryptodisk is only needed if Grub needs to decrypt the device - to be able to access the / file system

Since you said:

that most likely means the whole disk is encrypted (as the installer does this)

yes, that is what it means

Thank you, but @ Nachlese

That part still confuses me!
As I only have chosen the home partition to be encrypted during the installation process, how can than be the whole disk encrypted ? Now, I’m more confused, sorry.

I just checked the partitions in Gparted and only home is encrypted!

That cannot be the case!

However, and as far I understood your explanation, those problems only arise if boot is encrypted, correct?

You won’t have any problem.

As I said:

That’s what I remember.

I would have liked to, for instance, keep /boot unencrypted, but I could not use the installer to do it. It took manual work.

We are going in circles.
If only /home is encrypted, you never had the potential problem.

Show, don’t tell.
If you are sure, but then again are not:

lsblk -f

cat /etc/fstab

sudo parted -l

grep GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT /etc/default/grub

Sorry, but you described things more complicated as there are.

You know how things are.
We don’t.
You are at your machine.
We are not.
We just have what you said to go on.

I’ll leave this topic now.
Good luck!

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