Computer won't connect to thunderbolt displays coming out of suspend

Often, when I press the space bar when coming out of suspend, I can see the MBP’s apple icon display and the external hard drive wakes up, but the 2 thunderbolt displays won’t. The only way to get them to work is to unplug them and plug them back in, then the displays come to life.

BTW, I just had it happen once, thankfully, it was due to the fact that I changed the swappiness per something I saw on several sites, but it rebooted the 2nd time around. I changed the swappiness back to 60 and then rebooted and then deleted the file that over-road the default settings and rebooted. But using CTRL + ALT +F2 didn’t do anything, nor did CTRL + ALT +Fn+F2.

BTW, I found a good file that people should read prior to resetting the swappiness that shows how Linux handles swapping well and how changing the default settings can actually slow down your machine.