Computer won’t start

I just install nvidia driver (nvidia-470xx-utils) from Manjaro default appstore (pacman I think) but my computer won’t show anything on screen after the restart. It’s still functioning though.

Hello @Flygue :wink:

There is a bit more needed than just the utils… mhwd does the job for you:

sudo mhwd -i -f pci video-nvidia-470xx
systemctl reboot
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thank you for this quick respond !

the thing is i can’t event see whats on my computer all that is display is the logo of the motherboard manufacturer
I guess i have to reinstall manjaro or is there an other way?

Easiest way would be:

  1. Boot a Manjaro Install Disk.
  2. Open a terminal.
  3. Run this to enter the chroot environment (no sudo/su required):
manjaro-chroot -a
  1. type 0, if it doesn’t work: type 1 if it asks, instead of 0. (old bug from an old ISO)
  2. Then you should be in chroot.
  3. Now install it:
mhwd -i -f pci video-nvidia-470xx
  1. Exit chroot:
sync && exit
  1. Reboot the system:
systemctl reboot
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i got an error:

Error: invalid use of option: -i/--install

nevermind i rerun the comand and it worked no idea why thought thank you for the help

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