Compress command

Why is there no compress command in Manjaro?
compress -v test

Does that command still exist in other distros? Modern distros should have gzip, gunzip and zcat as opposed to compress, uncompress and zcat. The 2 sets are equivalent in functionality (with better result for the former) but the latter are much, much older.

You might want to read: The most upvoted answers say:

Compress is significantly older (1983) and based on the LZW compression algorithm.

Gzip was written in the early 90’s and is based on the DEFLATE algorithm.

In general Compress will run faster and use less memory, but gzip will generally reach significantly higher levels of compression.

There were also patent issues with LZW that Unisys started enforcing in the early 90’s (this was mostly targeted toward the GIF format that also used LZW compression). The gzip developers intended to develop general purpose compression software that was unencumbered by patents.

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