Compiz Enhanced Desktop Zoom causes Window Decorations to Disappear

Hi All, I’m visually impaired and running Manjaro MATE edition. I’m working on moving over from Ubuntu MATE. I installed Compiz from the AUR. When I launch compiz using compiz --replace from terminal everything works. Accept when I go to enable the desktop Zoom plugin my window decorations disappear. I rebooted and checked the Window Decoration plugin. I re-enabled the Zoom plugin and checked that the Window deccoration plugin was still enabled. What gives? In Ubuntu the two plugins work fine together.

There is Manjaro spin with Mate and preconfigured with compiz

Thanks so much. I forgot about that spin. I’ll install it when I have the energy. I have chronic illneses, Fibromyalgia specifically.

I tried booting the live medium. I decided to test out screen magification before installing. Unfortunately I couldn’t launch the Compiz settings manager. I dropped down to the terminal to see what I could find out. When launching the settings manager from there, I saw something about (the module "compiz-settings or something to that affect) not existing. What gives?

Otherwise the desktop looked absolutely gorgeous.

I don’t know - I did use compiz for a while - that is until I tried running kwin as window manager for the lxqt desktop - I was sold - kwin is by far the best window manager and compositor I have tested - my personal opinion is that it beats compiz.

For any issues you will need to address @Jim.B as he is the author.

Thanks for the heads up. I am going to look into this.

I am sorry the settings manager didnt come up. I have fixed the issue and uploaded a new compiz package. If you want to test it in the live media open a terminal and type sudo pacman -Syu and let the update go through. If you install the OS to your computer or reboot the live media you will have to update again as the update in the live system only fixes the OS running in ram not the files that are on the install media, its not persistent.