Compiling a manjaro kernel

I am using 5.15.2-2-MANJARO kernel and I want to compile and install the 5.15.4 kernel from the official gitlab repo Packages / Core / linux515 · GitLab.
I have done these steps :-

mkdir kernelbuild
cd kernelbuild
git clone
cd linux515
makepkg --nobuild
(Downloading and extracting the 5.15.4 package)

What do I do now ? The other tutorials on manjaro forums DON’T take the package files from gitlab, they take it from

Why don’t you switch branches to testing? There 5.15.4 is already in standard repos.

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Um, How to do that :sweat_smile:
Edit : ^ That just answered my question :sweat_smile:

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Thanks ! I will follow the above tutorial :smiley: