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Hi community, very soon the development of Manjaro 19.0 Juhraya will start so i decided to create this repository where from now on for each new edition of manjaro will be selected wallpapers donated by you and included in packages of community wallpapers.
You can donate photographs (preferably) or digital backgrounds.

Give vent to your creativity


Geometric Wallpaper
Mystical May (2019) Screenshots
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Why are the picture so big like that ?

when i went to the [repository]


I can't access the page you linked ... 404 error so i post some here


Manjaro Juhraya .. nice name :slight_smile:


Now we are all going towards becoming a federation colony under Cardassian jurisdiction :smiley:


Damn' it you are right , i have moved the project into a gitlab subfolder and forgot to update the link.. tonight correct all :blush:

EDIT: or use this

is the mirror

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Do i open an issue or i create a new file?
(no clue yet how to properly use GitHub or GitLab)


For an easy use for end User you can use GitHub... Fork my project on github, add your files and then create a pull request for my github repo.. My github repo is sync with gitlab repo but since in gitlab without our permission is impossibile create a merge request i suggest to use my github repo :wink:

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Done and done :smiley:

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Please to respect the structure can you modify the files with this additional steps

Sorry for bother you :blush:


Oh, was my bad as i uploaded them from a different folder that the one that has the jpg as you requested ... How do i remove those png files ? Sorry to bother you too :smiley:

No worries. Found it :smiley:

Made the modification. Hopefully next time i will do it cleanly and without mixing stuff. I hope is ok now.

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Hi folks :slight_smile:

Is there any color scheme for Manjaro Juhraya or it will be in the future when version 19 will be in more advanced stage?

Actually I have two more questions:
Do I need to export to .jpg ? @Ste74 I sent you pull request but I just noticed that almost every wallpaper for Manjaro are in .jpg.
Second question is, can I use donated photography to tune a little colors or/and use theme combined with flat design?


you'd need the consent of the person who donated the photography


Problem is that I don't know Isaac Sloan user name on the forum. So I thought to ask here :slight_smile:


It's still a touchy one, they may take great exception to another submission of a doctored version of their original work.

I know for this exact reason other distributions would refuse point blank to include an image altered or created blatantly from someone else's work. It avoids such potential IP issues.


Thanks for explanation :slight_smile: I'm not much experienced on that stuff.


For now no only maia colors as i know

i'm not a graphic designer so as i know png format is better as jpeg format but jpeg format use a compression rate. I can modify the readme to use both png or jpeg format but if the size is too large always optimize via instructions in the readme to not increase the package...
@bogdancovaciu do yu think ?


Well, i preferred to share them as *.png and no alteration to the quality, as later on, any user can optimize that image for less memory footprint. Regarding the package size, i think the way you have it right now is the decent way to do it, reason why i followed your advice to convert them as *.jpg.
If someone needs a custom resolution for a particular wallpaper i have made, there is no problem for me to provide it, but i worked most of them in Gimp at 1920x1080, so, i might have to tweak them a bit more for that.

As for images made by others, i would suggest to ask for permissions, or the alterations done to them to be so that there is no resemblance with the original. That means, just altering colors will not suffice.


It's only 183 KB so am not sure it's worth to butcher it compression.
(now I noticed that images need some fix btw)

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