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I’ve been using linux in general for quite a few time now, but still I hold these uncertainties, such as this one right now.

[NOOB alert] How could one make sure any of the Manjaro’s community based editions, for instance, the one I’m using currently, MATE, are as safe as the main-line ones, such XFCE etc?

Actually I’m trying live-usb Manjaro mate edition. So far, it’s running smoothly. I’m considering installing it alongside Linux Mint Mate on my main machine.

Could anyone enlight me this concern? Thanks.

Hello . I have been using manjaro-mate since 2008 and so far I have not had any problems. What exactly is it that worries you?

To be honest, you place a lot of trust in people you dont know when you install any operating system, that includes commercial ones. Most people have no idea whats included in the code of operating system they are running.
But you have to trust some people for software or else all you have is hardware that cant be used. Projects like Manjaro and others have security in mind when they release anything. All packages, and even the iso’s are signed with the projects pgp key. There are multiple layers of people looking at everything.
In addition to that all the packages used for the operating system, even community versions, are stored in the projects repository.
In the end it is the projects good name and reputation at stake. Once lost its likely impossible to get those back. Thats why projects are very security minded and will do everything they can to make sure no harm comes to its users.

Before you do that - please search the forum for dual boot mint manjaro.

Manjaro is built on opensource - if you trust one GNU/Linux you trust them all - for the 1% Manjaro specific packages - - and for the remaining 99% Arch

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All editions include, by default, only packages from the repositories. Thus, they are as safe as any other edition, from which you would add/switch to these packages.


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