Community Editions Cinnamon, Deepin and i3 updated to 17.1.4

Fresh install media for these three editions are now available:

  • manjaro-cinnamon-17.1.4
    – new design with adapta-maia-themes and a bunch of beautiful new wallpapers by @muser
    – fixed default folder listing in background settings dialog
    – switched to gnome-terminal-fedora adding transparency feature
    – adjusted position of removable devices panel applet
    Calamares using light theme to avoid unreadable warning messages
    – enabled avahi and add-autologin-group service by default
    – disabled screensaver for live-session

  • manjaro-deepin-17.1.4
    – new default wallpaper by @muser
    – added new native app deepin-draw
    – added redshift, adding ‘Night Shift’ switch in control-center display settings
    – removed some unneeded and out-of-place features of deepin-session-ui and deepin-control-center in custom overly packages.

  • manjaro-i3-17.1.4
    – switched to slick-greeter
    – some little adjustments of ranger and dunst config
    – apart from that, this is merely an update and rebuild


ENJOY :slight_smile:


Manjaro deepin is really awesome, please check it out. I’m surprised how far and professional deepin has become.

EDIT: looks like the option to disable desktop effects on deepin has no longer effect, nothing happens when switching, this was working on the previous ISO

  • manjaro-cinnamon-17.1.4
    – switched to gnome-terminal-fedora adding transparency feature

My gnome-terminal did not get switched out with gnome-terminal-fedora. Of course I can make the change myself, but I’m just wondering why it didn’t happen automatically. I tried pacman -Suu to match the repo, but there was nothing to do.

thank you for all your efforts, i3 17.1.4 running great and looks very sensual :clap:

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We cannot replace the package automatically, because if I would do that, people would not be able to keep the regular gnome-terminal even if they wanted to :wink: You wouldn’t be able to install gnome-terminal at all - so that doesn’t work :slight_smile: You just have to replace it manually if you want to use the new alternative.

Nah, tried to switch from i3 manjaro to deepin but even on my gaming laptop I use for compiling it feels kind of laggy (like gnome shell) and you can’t really customize it beyond some really basic things. When I have to set up Linux for my familiy or friends I just pick Manjaro KDE or Debian KDE which is just perfect for normal users.

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As always, great job Oberon! They all look awesome :slight_smile:

Since the last update I have had an package in Cinnamon that cannot satisfy dependencies.

Do you not have artwork-cinnamon-minimal installed? You should have, since it is a dependency of manjaro-cinnamon-settings.
artwork-cinnamon-minimal now provides gnome-backgrounds.

Theoretical option: make deepin settings depend on gnome-terminal-fedora, and have the latter conflict with gnome-terminal. Revert the change after a week or two.

+ affects only deepin users
+ offers the new terminal to old users
- requires manual intervention
- annoying

Nice work, as always !

cinnamon-settings, you mean, not deepin! :wink:
Anyway I don’t want to force people to switch. Whoever prefers the fedora fork can simply install it! I don’t see a problem here. :sunglasses:

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Apparently I did not. I must have removed it. Many thanks oberon!

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I’m in love with the new themes!

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Hi, I up running 17.1.4 Manjaro i3 But don’t know how to use the new slick-greeter… is this the package that’s supposed to be installed automatically => “”.
Because after upgrading the login still the same.

I love the cinnamon desktop, though It’s a bit laggy for me in general.

Hi, after installing deepin my screen/system goes in a standby-loop: 10 second of screen then logout. Lookin on arch forum I could understand that I have some problem with systemd, X…but I’m not capable to solve the issue. I have a Vaio VGN-BZ21VN. Also I’ve installed manjaro deepin on a samsung without any problem.

Can you point us to what you found on the Arch forum? Tbh I haven’t heard of this issue before… :eyes:

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