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What are the difference between officially supported edition and community edition other that one is run by community and other by official team.
Is there any issue with community edition like stability issue or privacy……?
Thanks in advance.

Is Manjaro MATE good? Is it actively maintained?

Has been asked before. Search before posting. :stuck_out_tongue:


The differences is what meets the eye.

No - there is no separate issues with the community editions.

All editions uses the same set of packages and as such always receives the same set of updates.

If the GTK+ toolkit suffers issues - every edition will suffer as GTK is everywhere.

The main difference is the maintainer of the edition will know the theming of the edition more intimately and will be able to answer most questions relating to that.

E.g. you don’t ask the maintainer of bspwm on how to theme openbox which is why some sub categories exist for those kind of questions.

The packages used is overlapping for almost every edition - like file managers, web browsers, mail clients, office suites, printing, bluetooth, audio, media players etc. - everything can be and is used more or less on every edition.

Stability is a question of how much you mingle and fiddle your system, and how eager you are to get the latest and greatest graphics for playing games.

Desktop environments - striving to be “modern” and therefore constantly improved - tend to have more issues than environments where the codebase has not changed a lot over the past years.

Some suggestions as what to chose has been listed in this FAQ post


In practice all community edition maintainers are also manjaro team members.

Not much, but possibly some issues on some. In official editions the focus in stability, on some community editions there new features are implemented more frequently, which can lead to some light breakage occasionally. But the bigger issues are mostly common to all editions like @fhdk said.

But for example, gnome edition can be slightly more prone to breakage than mate edition, even though latter is community edition.

It’s complicated, but the difference between official and community editions is smaller than difference between desktops.


None in practise.



I agree, but maybe you just have to know a bit the difference between GTK/QT paradigme…
In example, i builded these days a light kde flavour (pure 64 of one GB) with almost the same recipe in manjaro-tools than i use normally with Enlightenment & at the end, it works !

Could you develop a bit, please ?


How the desktop environment is on its own has greater impact than anything else.

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