Commercial use of Manjaro distribution ... is it legal ?

i'm thinking of setting up a business, on Manjaro based thingie, what i've gathered from the Manjaro's site there is no legal reason for denying commercial use.

Have I understood correctly?


Yes, Manjaro is open source, meaning it can be used for free wherever you want. This same principle applies to services like Discord or Chrome, which use a bunch of open source things to help them run.


Thanks @h_wittenborn .. i put things in motion soon then.

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I would suggest supporting the distribution if you start making tons of cash - small donations help, because 'free' software isn't really free; even small regular donations are very important.

But yes, great choice and good luck.


In this case, Manjaro is "free" in the sense of price, and also in the sense of tracking you, as most if not all tracking is from user programs.
But yeah, if you can every support the devs of programs you use, go ahead. Not necessary though, don't feel like you're obliged to do such.

Just remember that the name Manjaro and Logo cannot be used as if the you or your business is Manjaro.

I think the usual rules apply - but please check the imprint page - and if in doubt I am sure @philm can answer your questions.

  • Manjaro Linux, copyright © 2011-2018 Philip Müller and the Manjaro Developers
  • Manjaro Linux, copyright © 2019-2020 Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG
  • Manjaro® name and logo are registered trademarks of Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG. Some rights reserved. The Manjaro Community is licensed to use the trademark with given terms.

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I will do that, but first i got to get things rolling :slight_smile:

You can however do something to the effect of:

"We rely on the incredible infrastructure of the Manjaro Linux Distro"

... I think... right ?

I think that I mention distribution what the thingie uses and provide direct link to Manjaro's main site.

Chrome and Discord are proprietary software with a restrictive license and terms of use, they are even unredistributable (Arch got permission for Discord), trademark, etc..

Wrong example

nonono, I was trying to emphasize the point that open source software can be used in commercial contexts, like how Discord and Chrome do.

However Manjaro name and logo are trademarked so you can't do whatever you want

Yeah ofc I know that. I meant in terms of using the software in a commercial environment. That's on me though, should've clarified.

You didn't like " Powered by Manjaro based thingie" ?

It wasnt contrary - I dont see what you are quoting anywhere .. the point was 'theres nothing wrong with mentioning your base and linking there'

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Yes, that part made me laugh though - I wasn't suggesting it was contrary - I just loved the way he put 'thingie' on the end - simply 'Powered by Manjaro Linux' would be fine too...

Sure, a link is good to mention the distribution - especially if the venture is to have an online existence - it's common sense to support your own free platform and help it to flourish and survive.

GPL license allows profit from free software:

But, that leads to sell under that license - USB sticks and/or DVDs with Manjaro. Nothing else :slight_smile:

I would be very specific if i was you about what exactly you want to get rolling, and wait till someone in charge of Manjaro will reply.
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What i mean, is that i register my self (with my bank) as kevytyrittäjä (means that bank handles all paperwork to get business going, taxes etc. is also handled by bank) .. that may take some time.

Anyway, i'll wait untill I get some reply from the copyright holders.

Any commercialization of Manjaro as to be clarified with us, the company. We are owning the right to create and sell Manjaro as it is. The answer of post two is therefore partly wrong. For a normal end-user he is right.

Having a trademark is also securing the right to sell either merch and create software under the name of Manjaro. It depends what rights you have secured. Also it depends what business you want to start and who the relationship to Manjaro it will be.

So I strongly recommend to talk with us first @Lja. Either phone us or write us an email. Contacts are given on the homepage.

First of all it will be important to know, what exactly a 'Thingie' is, what you intend to do and how... :wink:

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