Commentary about the Company Announcement

Same as it has been already, for example Snap, FreeOffice.

Where there are issues these are addressed.

You can't really measure that. But, look at Cleanjaro. There are things that Cleanjaro did which made it back into the main editions, and which prompted other changes.

Issues with grub-quiet led to grub-vanilla, which in turn fed back into the main grub package.

Answered already.

Answered already.

The team is still part of the community. The decision-making process will not change, and the project is independent of the company.

For example, if the company wants to support a particular piece of hardware then the company will create their own spin etc. for that hardware. The resulting packages will be available for all to use, and nothing in the main editions will change to specifically support that hardware (maybe apart from adding drivers etc.).


Given the new legal entity and branding policies being implemented I thought I'd better remind you of my Manjaro Project logo usage and ask if it is still okay to do so, if not I can remove it easily enough:


I honestly don't think anyone would mistake that for "misappropriating the brand".

I'd say you're fine to keep using it. I mean, I'm quite happy that Manjaro is a "sponsor" of your virtual race team at zero cost. :rofl:


My working hours were certainly similar, but I loved the night shifts, I'm not an early riser. But for 11 years now I've only been doing my favorite things like Manjaro :slight_smile:

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Indeed, free advertising which I'm happy to provide. By the way, it is seen by thousands of people every week across a couple of streaming platforms and of course in game.

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Why not opt for some non-profit corporation legal form?

I agree the concepts of Manjaro's future in the note: Manjaro is taking the next step.

But I have doubts in the ways.

Interesting - hope the best of both "worlds"

Essentially (and as far as I'm aware), the GmbH & Co KG has more freedom to explore commercial opportunities than an e.V. would allow.

The other main reason for a foundation is to secure funds, which is instead taken care of by the fiscal host(s).

This isn't ruling out a foundation in the future but at this point it's not necessarily needed.


It's good news to see a project spreading wings and fly. Infraestructure is necessary to develop and keep growing and improving, so this are good news. Also, I see this as a natural step and a good omen. Now lads we trust you, so we expect from you to be morally above the average of humankind and make a good move of this one. FOSS is a need and a good thing so keep focused and speed up! Long live Manjaro


Non profit corporations do not allow the same privileges as standard corporations. There When deciding how to structure a company you have to consider a lot of different factors.

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Whatever, the last shirt has no pockets.
Best example is Steve Jobs as long as the Windows human is still alive. :wink:

This is awesome! I wish the very best to the members of the Manjaro Team :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


@sueridgepipe because I can see you replying, please stick around for a little bit - we miss you, you know.

Got out just in time.

Want to say more, but it would probably lead to a permaban.

Head of this fish is rotten, sadly for the community, today's "news" will only exacerbate this and further "muddy" an already questionable decision making "process".

Wonder how much will be contributed upstream?

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I'm not even sure if this is related to announcement but anyway:
Have you ever thought about making manjaro mobile phone? I would buy it immediately :slight_smile:
I hope that this new entity will only benefit manjaro in a future and will do no harm. I wish you the best! Manjaro is the greatest distro I've ever used!

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There has been some toxicity going on in /r/Linux , I believe maybe you should answer some of them:

Why is it being made as an LLC and not structured as a non-profit Foundation. Is the goal to work full-time, or to actually try get a profit from it?


Welcome to reddit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Amazing what they call them, while the Manjaro staff has been one of the nicest people i've met online, seriously a shame.


I've already answered that.

The goal of Manjaro GmbH & Co KG is to make a profit and expand. It's a company, with the extra goal of supporting the Manjaro project. If Manjaro does well, Manjaro GmbH & Co KG will do well.


Working a job full-time for no fee does not really sound like a good plan ... Are you? :wink:


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