CommanderPi from github, should I it?

Not sure how I could make a pkgbuild…

The file assumes you are using a Debian/Ubuntu based distro, so it won’t work out of the box.

But you could probably change the apt-get line to match a pacman line that installs the needed dependencies.


The program may not work under Manjaro – some Ubuntu/Debian specific is hardcoded. But it’s only my suppose, I don’t have rpi to verify it.

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I filed a bug report for no aarch64 support. Not holding my breath expecting a pkgbuildbut who knows?


That’s not issue with aarch64 platform but with support only for Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu ARM and other systems with apt package manager.


I looked at that install script. It has a nasty sudo pip command. :astonished:

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Potato, tomato. Maybe they offer something…who can say