Command not found: wireguard

Any attempt to call wireguard, through zsh or bash, returns (shell): command not found: wireguard
I’m using linux519 kernel, and have wireguard-tools installed.
“modprobe wireguard” returns nothing

output of lsmod | grep wireguard

 wireguard              98304  0
    curve25519_x86_64      36864  1 wireguard
    libchacha20poly1305    16384  1 wireguard
    libcurve25519_generic    49152  2 curve25519_x86_64,wireguard
    ip6_udp_tunnel         16384  1 wireguard
    udp_tunnel             20480  1 wireguard

output of echo $PATH


Is there a missing PATH file? What’s going on here?

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Let me give you a link, since it’s hard to find anything on the internet these days: WireGuard - ArchWiki

I’ve already looked through this. wireguard-tools is installed, wireguard is built into the kenel post 5.6, wg-quick works but calls wireguard and outputs command not found: wireguard, and modprobe finds wireguard already. The issue isn’t wireguard itself, it’s that it can’t be called.

This is expected, there is no return on success.

You can install wireguard-tools , but there is no program called wireguard. It is wg or wg-quick . For the usage see the Arch wiki.

The issue is that looking is not enough, you actually have to READ things.

That’s the issue. Wireguard is there, it responds to modprobe and lsmod, but it can’t be called. Either the issue is in the PATH variable, which is unlikely since this is the only command that doesn’t function, or it’s something very obscure. Hopefully, it’s in the PATH and someone can help

wg-quick does not call a program called wireguard. There is no program that is called wireguard.

Please post the complete command and output. If you use a config for wg- quick also the content of this file.

wg-quick calls ip link add dev wg0 type wireguard
output of “wg-quick up wg0”
gives “unknown device type wireguard”

Reboot solved issue, idk why.

No idea. Why do you think wireguard is a command and what were you planning on doing if it was?

Because you didn’t reboot after updating? Who knows…

yeah i messed up and thought it was a command, but also got a device type not found wireguard error which set me on this path

no idea on the reboot, this wasn’t the first reboot attempt

Well… I can magically make this topic disappear seeing how there’s no purpose for it to live on the internet for all eternity.

go for it

Done. Everyone makes mistakes. I sure do. :wink:

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