Command for Show Apps

Does anyone know the command for “Show Apps” from the dock? I want to set a keyboard shortcut to it, but whenever I program my keybind in settings, when I press it, it will open the applications grid, but if I press it again it goes back to overview, and won’t return to the desktop until I press the actual overview key. On the dock however, if you click the Show Apps button, it will open the app grid, and if you click it again it returns to the regular desktop.

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Super Super

What keybind? It’s hardcoded and there is no exposed dconf setting for it.

Well the Show Apps button automatically brings you to and from the app grid without going through the overview, I’m trying to map a key to do the same function, as I’ve disabled super super shortcut, as I just want my super key is meant just for overview

Yes, that’s the default function.

A single press already does.

I’m sorry, am I missing something?