Color profiles for x230 laptop

Hi i installed the latest Manjaro cinnamon onto a lenovo x230 - all good except the display is cold/blueish especially compared to my other install that in a lenovo x220 been essentially the same computer with just a newer cpu, I would have expect to have the same display so I was surprised to see such a noticeable difference.

I went looking for colour profiles or colour temperature apps, but could not find anything that worked. I tried ‘Redshift’ but that has no control - it just changes the colour according to location and time of day. I then found ‘Qredshift’ that looked promising, but after installing it, it gave the warning that it may freeze the system! so I un-installed it. I also came across an app called ‘S monica’ but it must be discontinued as I could not find it in the repo or elsewhere.
Do you know of an ICC file for x230 or an app to change color temp for Manjaro cinnamon. Thanks