Collecting wallpapers for v18.0 release



Hi community,

we are currently searching for wallpapers to include in our v18.0 Illyria release. When you know some artist or have time to search for some great wallpapers, please reply with the link of the wallpaper. We can only accept pictures or wallpapers which allows us to redistribute. Creative Commons License would be great for that.


[These ones looks pretty cool :slight_smile:ęta-lasów-3200361/ń-upadek-1072823/ód-pitny-charakter-2442872/ęczyna-3439890/ód-słońca-3726030/ój-scena-spokojny-736875/łódź-sundown-zachód-słońca-niebo-164989/ść-wytyczne-3064114/ścieżka-598203/ędrować-roślin-3383218/ękkie-światło-w-lesie-drzewa-mech-3414984/órskie-powietrze-2588878/órskie-chmury-2576439/óry-białe-koryta-651119/łowie-lądowania-zion-2228352/ły-892918/

this is cute :smile:żaba-motyl-staw-mirroring-540812/ślimak-powłoki-mollusk-ścieśniać-582201/ód-słońca-918998/łapka-1868997/łe-kwiat-ścieśniać-2277939/ślin-zielony-mech-tle-las-690145/ślin-kwiat-stokrotka-768458/ło-plaży-miły-piękno-niebieski-3062009/ąt-plama-makro-ładny-futro-1850877/



@Mr_Glitch, thx for collecting these. Will take some for sure and add them.


If you’d like some ‘space-y’ artwork for this release this artist’s work is amazing. Most of it is licensed under CC, though I don’t know if the artist is reachable… Just my two cents :slight_smile:


I really like the last one of the post #1 but the vignette it has it’s just too noticeable.
May try some darktable or gimp magic.


Of what?
Post #2 or #4?

In the end everybody has the possibility to exchange and change everything.
The copyright ends behind your own firewall :smiley: :wink:


Updated the post, It has a CC licence so i can change the hell out of it but not much since i don’t have the original image without the vignette


If this becomes OT, please delete it.

My translation tool has problems with Vignette.
I don’t know how to interpret that.
Possibly we write further under
and you show me what picture you mean, stones or ladybirds.


Seems I’m now crawling thru the post made here. I should find some gems …


@philm, Interested in this one:

One of my own pictures. Free to use.


That’s a great picture!


Perhaps someone likes this one:

My own picture.


Here’s a picture I took a while ago. It’s on Unsplash, hope that’s fine. Otherwise I can upload the original directly.



I uploaded a number of photos I have personally shot for consideration, please find them here:

Thank you,




Apparently Pixabay has a really odd approval system so you can’t actually view my photos. Let me know if you’d like me to post them here and I’ll be happy to upload them. Sorry!