Collapsed browser window unrecoverable

Hello Manjaro forum! I’m a long time Linux Mint user newly converted to Manjaro / KDE Plasma. Just now getting used to the fantastic KDE desktop (super customizeable!).

When using Firefox or Chrome browsers, I notice that when I collapse the browser there is no corresponding entry in the taskbar to click in order to restore (i.e. re-enlarge) my browsing session. It seems to be just gone.

What happened? I looked in some of the desktop settings to see if the taskbar had something related to this. Didn’t find anything.

Appreciate any help.

I think you have the the icon-only task manager in your toolbar. This hides the open Windows behind the application icon.

To get the wider window bars right click the toolbar and add the other task manager (german name “Fensterleiste”) widget by dragging it to the preferred position in the bar.

Hello a-sassermann: That did the trick. Thank you!

Great, can you please mark the answer with the solution flag? Thanks.

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