Codeblocks missing dependency on xterm?

I’ve just installed codeblocks 20.03-4 on Manjaro. Compilation works fine but running my program gives me an error: Process terminated with status -1
The last thing codeblocks did was: Executing: xterm -T myprogram blah_blah
After a quick check, turns out I don’t have xterm. After installing it, everything works fine.

Isn’t xterm missing from the dependency list of codeblocks?

did you look in the settings to see if you can change what terminal progam it looks for?

moved to #support as codeblocks is not in the AUR but community repo.
This package is imported from Arch, did you try to contact the packager? See

Worth a try. But if xterm is installed by default on Arch, they won’t like it.

@steanne Actually I didn’t look because codeblocks was a pain to set a default terminal in the past (as far as I remember, it was hardcoded). But you’re right, it’s now easily accessible in the options. Maybe that’s the reason why it’s not a dependency.