Clover-efi on Manjaro

Is it possible to install clover-efi on Manjaro and if so where do I fin accurate information on how to do so?

It’s in the AUR, also see arch wiki:

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I’ve never used an Arch based distro before so I will be asking a lot of seemingly naive questions like now that the build was successful how do I run clover-efi.

Maybe first inform us what you want to achieve with clover-efi. Then it may be easier to help you.

I run four linux distros on sda and need to update efi when one of them updates the kernel or as happened with a distro I tested the other day which corrupted the boot process. I’m used to using grub-customizer but that does not seem to be available on Arch distros.

a) If you still can boot into the distro of choice, i.e. the one you want to manage Grub, run ‘sudo update-grub’ In Manjaro you would have to make sure that ‘os-prober’ is activated. (search for this on the forum).
b) If you can not boot into that distro, use a usb-stick with ‘refind boot manager’ and boot from there. Then do a)
c) Get rid of the clover-efi package / remove it.

rEFInd is in my view the best option for your use-case, because it does not change the boot files on your sda-disk, it runs from the USB stick. It always just works is my experience.

I’m getting lazier on my old age and prefer to use a gui. I can boot directly from bios (or a usb stick but no longer a dvd as my new box came without cd/dvd player/burner for the first time in more than 20 years) into Slackware if things are really bad. I’ll look into writing a script to run update grub and stop playing with different distros for a while.

Quote from the article

Note: This will only work on the BIOS/GPT partition layout as Clover does not support MBR. Note that a BIOS boot partition is not required, and that you need an EFI system partition.

Which implies you cannot use MBR partition layout - only GPT.

Otherwise it is straight forward to use Clover